What We Believe

Our official Statement of Faith is the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1646.
We also welcome believers who adhere to the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession and the Savoy Declaration of Faith.

We also understand that many in the church have not embraced a historic confession. That should not stop anyone from attending GRFC.

Important church distinctions!

While our doctrine is Reformed Covenantal (According to the WCF) we are not Presbyterian nor are we affiliated with any formal denomination.

With respect to church government and the administration of the Sacraments we deviate from the Confession in the following ways:

Regarding Governmental Structure of the Church

“For we know that every Church has liberty to frame for itself a form of government that is suitable and profitable for it, because the Lord has not prescribed anything definite.”
John Calvin (Commentary on 1 Corinthians 11:1-16)

Regarding the Validity of the Administration of Sacraments by Independent Churches

It is important for every Christian to understand that no minister has the power to give grace to men, whether through a sacrament or any other means. It is equally true that no minister has the power to make a sacrament ineffective. It is sometimes feared that if a minister is in sin, his administration of baptism and the Lord’s Supper is rendered ineffectual. This too is rejected by the Catechism as a man-centered, rather than a God-centered view of sacraments.”
Crown and Covenant (Commentary on the Westminster Shorter Catechism)