Worship Style

Grace Reformed Family Church believes that the worship service should be centered on Christ and the preaching of the Word of God.  This means that we are first of all Christ Centered.  We also believe that the worship service should be a sanctuary from the world, and protected from worldly influences. The music with which we worship will reflect those concerns, with the purpose of directing us toward God, and away from ourselves and the world.

Our order of services is as follows:

  • Welcome and Announcements (Overview of upcoming events)

  • Opening Hymn (Typically a contemporary rendition of a hymn)

  • Introductory Prayer (Call to worship)

  • Catechism Lesson (Review the family worship questions from the CYC and the WSC)

  • Scripture Reading (Stand and read the Scriptures pertaining to the sermon)

  • Sermon (Expository with contemporary application)

  • Prayer (Prayer for insight for the congregation and thanksgiving for the Word of God)

  • Hymn (Classic hymn)

  • Lord’s Supper (Restricted to professing and baptized believers)

  • Psalm (Corporate singing of the Psalms)

  • Corporate Prayer (Congregation lifts up prayer requests and praises)

  • Closing Hymn (Classic Hymn)

  • Benediction (Pastor’s blessing on the congregation for the upcoming week)

The service begins Sunday at 10:00 and generally concludes between 11:15 and 11:30 (with an optional fellowship time afterward).


After every service, all are invited to share potluck lunch and fellowship time together. The first Sunday of the month we have a themed potluck (Mexican, Italian, etc.) and celebrate the birthdays occurring in that month.

After lunch, we provide doctrinal training, personal counseling, a Q&A pertaining to the sermon, pre-baptism instruction, and answer questions addressing life issues.

After lunch, we offer a children’s class where the children read and engage in fun activities related to John Bunyon’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.