Why Should I Read the Bible?

There are two primary reasons why a person should read the Bible. The first is because the Bible tells us about our Creator and helps us understand our relationship to Him. The second reason is because contained within its thin pages lies the secret of eternal life. Our future existence depends upon a right understanding of the Bible. So many volumes have been written about the Bible by theologians, gifted pastors and teachers that they could fill a library. This article will not attempt to describe the wonders and mysteries that lie between its covers, but only touch upon two reasons why it should be cherished by all.

Our Creator has chosen to reveal Himself to us in two ways. The first method is through general revelation which is the natural world around us, and the second method is through the Scriptures (2 Tim 3:16). General revelation is observable by all men and therefore leaves us without excuse (Rom 1:20). In short, God has revealed His presence to us through nature. The delicate position of earth in space, the gentle tug of the moon on our oceans, the opening of a flower in the morning, the development of a baby in the womb, the unique properties of water and ice, and the mind of man all demonstrate beyond a doubt that God exists. However, it is not enough to know that God exists (Jas 2:19 ), one must grasp the hand of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, to be saved. We could watch nature all of our lives (and many do) and yet still be no closer to understanding who God is then when we began. We may, for example, deduce from nature that God is orderly in His logic, creative in His handiwork, and that He cares for His creation, but never understand why. That is the job of special revelation.

The baton now passes from general revelation (nature) to special revelation – the Bible. Special revelation tells us about God, much more than He merely exists. The Bible tells us not only about God (theology) but also about man (anthropology). A reconciled relationship with God flows from a correct understanding of His holiness and for that we must turn to the Bible. Eternal life is the prize and we are all in the race, whether we like it or not. We will all live eternally; some in heaven enjoying joy and peace forever and others will live eternally in hell cursing their Creator amidst pain and suffering. The only way to receive the former and avoid the latter is to embrace Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. All Scripture proclaims Christ; that is the Bible’s only purpose.

Do not trust what you have heard on the television or what you grew up assuming is true. These interpretations may be leading you to death. You must read the Bible for yourself. For those who are interested, the “secret to eternal life” I mentioned above can be found in the book of John, Chapter 3 verse 16 (John 3:16).