We hold to the importance of the following points.

Reformed Covenantal Theology
(Calvinistic and Non-Dispensational)
Weekly Corporate Prayer
(we lift each other up in prayer weekly)
Traditional Service
(Psalms, hymns and a fixed order of service) example
Weekly Communion
(we take communion corporately as commanded by Christ)
Expository Teaching
(verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible – alternating through both the Old and New Testaments)
Weekly Fellowship Meal
(potluck every Sunday and themed potluck monthly)
Adherence to the Westminster Confession of Faith
(except where church government is concerned)
Families Worshiping Together
(family integrated service – no age-segregated children’s programs – noisy children are NEVER a distraction)
Solid Theology Presented in an Understandable Way
(utilize commentaries by M. Henry, J. Calvin, Systematic Theology by L. Berkhof among others)
Encourage Family Worship at Home
(provide catechism studies for families and a brief catechism lesson during service)
Embrace other Confessions
(Savoy Declaration and Second London Baptist Confession)
Encourage Biblical Roles Within the Home
(fathers should lead their families with selfless love and should both respect and love their wives as Christ loves the church, wives should honor and submit to their husbands in love, and finally, we believe that children should be obedient to and honor their parents)
Literal Six Day Creationists
(Answers in Genesis and CRI)
Support Local Pro-Life Ministries
(call for information)
Encourage Christian Education
(We believe that the children of believers should receive a Christian education)
Provide Doctrine Classes and Educational Materials
(library with Calvin’s commentaries, AIG resources, and dozens of Puritan and Reformed works available for the congregation)